Be Happy at Workplace

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to be enthusiastic, inspired, relaxed and cheerful at workplace. If you are not doing this, you are limiting your true potential. It’s unfortunate that many people think that a happy demeanor at office would appear ‘Strong’ and ‘Out of place’ to other people including co-workers, clients and employee. Often they wrongly assume that if someone is looking happy, he/she must be satisfied with the status quo and, therefore, lacks the necessary motivation to excel in his/her work or to go to the extra mile.

Most companies are of the opinion that they should not allow their workforce to be very happy as they may lose their edge. It’s completely non-sense to accept that a calm, happy person is necessarily lacking in motivation. Generally happy people who are passionate about their work keep improving their performance. These people always are good listeners, quick learners and great team players.

Unhappy people on the other hand lack motivation owing to their being consumed with their own problems, lack of time and stress. These people often feel victimized by others and their working conditions. It’s difficult for them to be solution oriented as they see everything as someone else’s fault.

In addition, they are usually poor team players because they are often self-centered and pre-occupied with their own issues. They are defensive and almost always poor listeners. If an unhappy, stressed but successful person can learn to become happier, he or she will turn out to be even more successful.

So my dear friend! Just be happy and be natural with a positive frame of mind at your workplace. This habit makes you more creative and drives you to do better work. Similarly, instead d of being discouraged by setbacks or failures, you’ll recover quickly and resiliently. Your life and work will take a greater significance and it’ll feel like an extraordinary adventure.

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