Bouncing Back to Life

Life goes on. It doesn’t matter how positive an attitude you’ve got or how balanced you’re, there are times once you are knocked down. You will little face the experience of a serious illness in either yourself or someone close to you. You may be challenged with the loss of a beloved, a divorce or perhaps the loss of employment or any number of situations which will leave you feeling like you were kicked in the stomach.

Let’s face it. These things will happen. They’re a part of life and regardless of how you are trying to elucidate them away with the thought that, “everything happens for a reason,” they hurt. A lot! Repeating positive phrases doesn’t make it stop hurting.

The difference between people that get through life’s challenging moments, no matter the seriousness, and people who are restrained by the events is what I call the “Bounce factor.”

How quickly can you bounce back?

Take the instance of two people being downsized from their jobs, something that’s becoming a natural lately .Let’s say one is “A” and the other is “B”. A expresses his pain by becoming angry at the organization, his co-workers and therefore the system generally. He spends his time moaning and feeling depressed may be at a cosy corner at home or at a bar. B on the other hand, reacts differently.

After a quick period of feeling a loss of self-esteem, self-pity and anger, B decides to get back into the game. B begins contacting her network of colleagues and associates applied on various portals and up skills himself .Due to his positive attitude B finds a suitable job.

Although both people in our hypothetical example had equal experience and both went through a period of unemployment, the time each of them took to handle the situation was very different. While A remained “stuck” in his problem, B handled the loss and moved on with his life.

This is the key. It’s not whether life occasionally puts you into a spin; it’s how long you remain there. When something devastating happens to you, allow yourself a while to grieve your loss, however, don’t allow yourself to be stuck there. Take some action. Join a support group; mention your feelings with a trusted friend or your spiritual advisor. If necessary, seek professional help. In the case of employment loss, perhaps you would like to require a while to re-evaluate your career goals. You may even consider a change in career.

One of the foremost things to recollect in high stress situations isn’t to permit yourself to isolate. While spending a while alone is normal, even necessary, prolonger isolation will be dangerous and should be avoided. As a good friend recently nudged my memory and said, “Life is for the living.” It’s important to get back to your life. In time, the pain will pass.

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