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One of the most important challenges you would like to beat so as to make more sales in your business is getting people to trust what you say. You may have an excellent deal of integrity and be very trustworthy when it involves your business But do your customers know that? Here are two powerful tips which will have more people trusting what you say:

People believe more of what people say about you… than what YOU say about you.

If you were to inform me that you simply are the best cricketer in your state, that you simply score more runs than everyone else and contribute more towards the team goal , I would have a good little bit of skepticism as I have never heard anything about you. But if 10 people came up to me and say stuff like, “Have you seen this guy? He scored 2 centuries last week! He was simply amazing. In a business context customer feedback is always important. Get them to give a testimonial talking about the wonderful experience that they had handling you, then you’ll use it to point out others why they ought to do business with you.

Simply guarantee what you do.

You are required by law to certify your product or service. If something doesn’t work, or goes wrong the guarantee helps. A guarantee takes the threat off the customer and puts it on you, and if your customer knows you’re prepared to support their challenge and turn it into a benefit then they’ll feel easier doing business with you.

The reason most business owners will keep their guarantee hidden is that they’re worried about their customers taking advantage of them. Let’s say you’re getting a very low return rate now like 1, and by offering a guarantee it goes up to 6%. So your returns go up by 3 times, but by doing so you furthermore may triple your SALES, doesn’t it then make financial sense to supply that guarantee up front?

When you strengthen the power of purpose through relationships and ensure targets are met then people will listen and tell themselves a story about you that is worth believing and sharing.

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