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Admit it. When the sun is out and you’re at your favourite campsite or cottage on the lake the last item you would like to try to is spend tons of time cooking a meal. While vacationing, the lure to get instant foods is addictive. Unfortunately, these foods often come across packaged food which includes some sort of plastic. As we encounter trash within the wilderness, the plastics tend to linger the longest – apart from maybe glass and metal.

Nothing ruins the texture of a pristine, natural area with a bunch of garbage. Numerous studies prove that tourists return to countryside primarily for its cleanliness and greenery. In this era where the economy has come to rely more on tourism, cleaning up is actually a benefit for the community.

Now once we hike we pack a supply of plastic bags (grocery bags work well) to wash up as we go. When you take some part of your time to clean up some trash it not only does one have a far better path to return back. In this way you’ve helped the environment to be safer and clean for future travellers.

It feels excellent to clear up a beach of shards of broken glass and plastic hiding slightly below the surface before an unwary swimmer splashes into it. The impact of poor cleanliness while vacationing leads to waste generation at resorts or from cruise ships; overfishing on coral reefs to feed visitors; which is loss of animal and plant species.

Sustainable tourism has the prospective to increase public awareness of the environment when it brings people into closer contact with nature. If you take a stand to maintaining a clean environment while travelling we can have a serene and beautiful environment for future generations to come.

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