Environmental Studies as a Career Option

The world is evolving at a fast pace now than any time since the last ice-age and the major cause of that change is man. Checking these changes and being able to influence others that we have to do or not do activities that affect the environment will take well qualified people with an environmental science degree.

As a society, we either would have paid real attention to the environment or many would argue we still do not pay enough attention. Misuse of the earth’s natural resources and constant generation of heat and waste products have triggered substantial damage to the environment. This is an era where adapting to the environment is no longer an option – it is the only way ahead. This era demands qualified professionals, especially those with professional environmental science or engineering degrees.

in the past few years big businesses and corporations have been required to comply with safety and industrial security requirements. In industries like manufacturing or chemicals, due to the nature of the products, there are numerous opportunities for disaster.

Disaster management and safety management are fields of study that are very much in demand by today’s high technology industries. For the environmental science or engineering degree student, it can be an advantage. During their main course of study, they can get qualifications in a number of allied fields.

As a post graduate degree holder, myself in this field of study, jobs exist with government bodies, research positions with foundations and other research organizations. There are opportunities in the environmental safety departments of leading oil majors or manufacturing companies and even faculty positions at colleges. An alternative option is working with consulting companies writing market research reports or providing consultancy to develop or design technical solutions needed to solve, attenuate or control environmental issues

The environmental science degree does not deal with environmental topics alone. As per the nature of their work, professionals who acquire an environmental science degree need to be equipped with allied subjects like compliance, law, public communication and project management.

Opportunities exist in other areas and always choose the right one which you want to pursue. Feel free to reach out to if you need any guidance to look into this field as a career option.

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