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Being humans we are very curious creatures with opinions which frame our personalities and how we live. These opinions are a result of years of learning and observing. We get our opinions from the media, friends, family and many other sources. In turn we use what we learn from these sources to make decisions about life and more importantly what we buy.

Studies indicate that online customers consider opinions of present customers before making the buying decision. Customer reviews are such a critical part of the buying process that businesses have invested a lot of money in trying to get their customers to write a testimonial as part of their online marketing strategy. This approach helps in future planning and intent of purchase.

Word of mouth marketing may be a great example of social proof in action. As an example if we hear a good things feedback from family and friends about a business or restaurant, we think that it is worthwhile to visit that place. These opinions may either be positive or a negative .Negative opinion gives you the idea that the customer wants to be heard so that you respond and engage with them.

Doing so tells customers that you care about your reputation, and that you’ll use the feedback to improve the service and experience. One can do the reviews in person through your point of sale system, physical hand-outs, or just by verbally asking for a review.

If a smart individual or business can read into the minds of the consumers, right decisions can be made for achieving success. Getting into the heads of those people who mean the most to your business can be a lot easier than you think. You’d be surprised what you could learn and how you could use that knowledge to grow and improve.

To sum up, opinion management is more than just strategies and periodic reviews. It should be a continuous process that redefines goals, evaluates progress and gauges performances to ensure that they are in line with the overall vision.

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