Taming Your Shadows

Shadows lurk within the deep recesses of the psyche. It is buried within the heart, within the mind; it’s a part of us. It follows us, it frightens us, and that they come to us in several ways, but always, fits our lifestyle, our beliefs. The shadow is not a mere concept or a matter of perception. It is very real!
Just as there’s light, there’s also darkness. Is it possible to deny the shadow element? We see that even the strongest and kind individual may have a shadow element in their eloquence. When we are at rock bottom point in our lives, shadows haunt us.

It is that a part of ourselves that we leave within the closet as we face our public and put our greatest foot forward. Hide them, deny them, suppress them, would they only vanish? These actions may find yourself attracting these shadows into our lives in other ways.Do shadows impact on our lives? Do they mean anything?

Shadows come in many forms like attractions, fixations, addictions and other forms of indulgence. Shadows appear within the darkness cloaked in fear; shake us at our core. Shadows also show as projections. We don’t like what we see perhaps it mirrors a part of us that we elect to ignore or might not even remember of.

Are you comfortable with your friends? If not, ask yourself, why does one hang around with them? Do you judge them harshly? If so, why does one share your precious time with them?

We even attract them into our lives. Pundits would say it’s not knowing deny the shadow element. Each one has their personal demons to affect and to face, otherwise, it follows us in less conscious ways. There are lessons from the shadow element. To become conscious of it, we’d like to travel deeper into ourselves, be all that we will be, assuredly.

We can take the good. Work with the bad, see the sunshine, face the darkness without worrying. Go deep within; let the fears and insecurities buried deep within surface. Confront the anger seething under the skin.

We are not perfect. No matter what percentage dark clouds hover above us, regardless of how long the dark night is, light will surely come. These dark nights offer an opportunity to complement and nourish our spirit, our soul and our lives. Always strive toward enduring a challenge and develop a perspective which in turn will lead to more inner power within oneself and a positive mindset.

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