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Let’s take a piece of art like a marble statue in a museum. At a first look we may not appreciate the work but if we try to take it a little further, we’ll have a clearer vision of the whole art work and the intricate design of the art work.

In life we come to a stage when we need a change and a whole awareness of the situation will support us to unlock the power of self-improvement. Till then, something can be staring us right under our nose but we ignore it. Once we experience a difference in our routine life we think of self-improvement.

Take the Frog principle for example – Place the Frog A in boiling water. What happens? He jumps off! Why? The Frog could not adapt to the new hot water environment .After this place Frog B in lukewarm water and turn on the gas stove and wait till the water comes to a boiling stage. The Frog B thinks “Hey … its warm here.

People are like Frog B in general. We learn our lessons when we experience pain. When do we stop eating candies and chocolates? We realise this when all of our teeth have fallen off. . When do we pray and ask for help? This happens when we get a sign that we’re going to die soon. We think and feel this way because it is not easy to change.

Change will happen, like it or hate it. In some stage in life there is a turning point and we get the chance to improve. People who are contented don’t just accept the change but welcome it. Self-improvement needs us to program our minds.

The choice if self-improvement depends on our culture and personality. A general example will be a hitting the gym for a weight loss program. Self-improvement helps in regulating your emotions, improve tolerance and look at every problem in a practical manner. And just when you are enjoying the whole process of unlocking your self-improvement power, you’ll realize that you’re beginning to take things light and become happy.

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